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Five Reasons Why You Should
Join Second Baptist

by Rev. Lawrence W. Rodgers

In November of 2022, I will have enjoyed pastoring the Second Baptist Church of Detroit for two years. I believe this church is truly a gem and that you’d love joining us.  I want you to consider five reasons why you should join this congregation.

1.  The People


The people of Second Baptist are loving people who are eager to be supportive and a blessing to you in your life. You will not find a group of kinder people in Detroit so willing to give of their time and talents to be a blessing to you. 


2.  The Programs


Second Baptist has some awesome programs, such as the Mommy and Me ministry; Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Seminar; second-to-none programs for youth: VBS, Robotics Camp, Youth Financial Literacy, Small Fry Retreat, Family, Friends and Kin; and programs for seniors. Everyone has a place at Second Baptist!

3.  The Location 


In the business world, they say it’s all about “location, location, location.” Second Baptist has an awesome location in the heart of Downtown Detroit. We are surrounded by a vibrant, diverse, and energetic community. Some of the finest restaurants in the city are our neighbors, so when worship service is over, Downtown Detroit offers plenty to do.


4.  The Parking


Okay, let’s be honest. The biggest headache about being downtown is finding a place to park. You don't have to worry about that when you come to worship with us at Second Baptist. Every time you come to a Second Baptist worship service or event, you get free validated parking, which I think is pretty great when you consider all the opportunities for fellowship that are nearby after church. 

5.  The History

Not many churches in America have as rich a history as Second Baptist Church of Detroit. Second Baptist was one of the last stops on the Underground Railroad, helping to free some 5,000 enslaved people. Figures such as Frederick Douglass, John Brown, and Sojourner Truth have all visited Second Baptist. The congregation was a major force in the struggle for labor rights for African-Americans in the auto industry. One of our previous pastors, Rev. Robert Bradby, helped persuade Henry Ford to hire Black Americans. This sparked the Great Migration of Black Americans to


the Detroit area. Rev. Allan Banks, Jr. was a longtime friend to the King family. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. himself spoke at Second Baptist and said that our congregation raised more money for the Montgomery Bus Boycott than any other congregation. Many historical figures have partnered with Second Baptist for ministry. Fannie Richards, a Second Baptist member, helped lead educational efforts at the congregation and later became the first African-American public school teacher in Detroit. Dr. Carter G. Woodson visited Second Baptist to campaign for “Negro History Week," which later became Black History Month. Dr. Ralph Bunche was the first Black recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; he was baptized at Second Baptist. We continue living out our history to make history today by serving our community with relevant and meaningful ministries and services. 

These are five excellent reasons to join Second Baptist. Another reason is that you will find me to be a pastor who is accessible and always willing to offer care or answer questions. 


If you have any questions about becoming a member of our beloved congregation, please call us at: 313-961-0920 or visit this link:

I am always more than happy to personally answer any question you might have about becoming a member of Second Baptist Church of Detroit.

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